If we gain heaven, we gain everything

Take right hold of it now. Why wait any longer? Why not take God right at His word? Say, “Here Lord, I give myself away, ’tis all that I can do.” If Satan comes with his hellish temptations, tell him No, there is no place in my soul for it; my soul is ravished with the love which is expressed upon Calvary; I cannot allow any of this wickedness to come into my soul; it crucified my Lord.
Now brethren and sisters, we want religion; we want the baptism of the Holy Ghost. You want to be getting ready for missionaries. You do not know who may be called, but Satan wants to keep you all the time in the darkness of unbelief; he wants to keep you in the lowlands; he wants to keep you in darkness and sin. Will you break the fetters? Will you go free? Will you say, “Simply to Thy cross I cling; in my hand no price I bring”? Just myself, that is all He wants. He wants yourself–just as you are.

May God help us to look and live. May God strengthen our hearts to trust in Him. He is coming, brethren, in a little while. Here are sorrows and troubles. Here is one brother that has been suffering with rheumatism and with agony, sleepless nights. There is rest, brother; there is rest in a little while. We shall see Him as He is, and we shall be made like Him. Rest, rest in the kingdom of God. Go on a little longer; suffer a few days longer, and there is an eternity of happiness and bliss; that is what you want. The crown of righteousness is for the overcomer. Every one of you, think of this. In the morning think of it, now today I must look at that crown. I must run for it. I must run the race for it. And that crown is mine if I overcome. But if I do not overcome, and am overcome of Satan, I lose that crown; another gets it. Shall we not try to win the crown of everlasting life? If we lose heaven, we lose everything. If we gain heaven, we gain everything.
I see matchless charms in Jesus. I do not want any greater reward than He presents to us. I do not want any larger reward than that. I want to live for God, not for the world. I want the eye single to His glory. Let us every one–in the morning, and at noon, and at night–lay ourselves before God as His property, not our own, and fight the good fight of faith. Today you are not to have the faith of tomorrow. You have only faith for today; tomorrow you will find faith when that comes; so don’t worry about tomorrow. It is today, Am I the Lord’s? Today have I the witness of His Spirit? Today does my name come upon the lips of the great Advocate of heaven? Today am I walking in harmony with Jesus Christ and heavenly angels? The heavenly intelligences are at work to bring the light of the knowledge of the truth as it shineth in the face of Jesus Christ, to humanity.

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