The Angel with a Strong Voice 1: Maranatha: The Four Winds Loosed

Maranatha is a devotional that is perfect for keeping Gods people constantly preparing for the second coming of Jesus. The people of God are waiting for the second coming of Jesus which marks the end of this world as we know it. We are living in the closing stages of this Earth’s history. The different events connected with these closing stages are to be kept vivid in the minds of the people so that they may never be relaxed and engrossed with the cares and rounds of life and also that they may know what role they are to play in the last great drama in the battle between good and evil. There will be a coming Sunday law or the mark of the beast. There will be religious intolerance. Also Gods people will have a final warning from God to give to the world. In 5his devotional, the chief actors in this drama are identified. Join us as we go through the devotional from day to day. By Gods grace, it will serve to prepare us for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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